The Life and Times of the Artist


Meet Madylin Sweeten Durrie, our artist. 


Madylin is an Actress, Interior Designer, and Artist based out of Los Angeles California. She has an extensive background in all forms of art. At a very young age, Madylin was a pageant queen and actress. She landed her first big role on the hit TV sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond playing Ally Barone. The long-running show was informative during her early years. Madylin finished school and continued to pursue art afterward.

She moved back to Los Angeles, after a short absence, and found a love for theater. Becoming a board member at The Loft Ensemble, Madylin dove headfirst into many types of art.

It was at a party, held by that very theater company, that she met the love of her life. His many artistic endeavors like guitar and magic, pushed her further into the belly of the beast so to speak. 

After working with the theater, Madylin found a passion for design. This pushed her to apply to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising to eventually get her degree in Interior Design.

Filled with a passion for life and a plethora of experiences, her soul and story show in her work.  

You can learn more about Madylin by following her personal accounts below: 

Insta/FB: @bettyboopgurl

Twitter: @RealAllyBarone